About Me

About Me:

I live in London and work in IT by day. I have a huge passion for Beauty and Make-up! I like to call it Chic Geek 🙂


I love all things beauty related, trying out new products and attending events. I also love playing and experimenting with colour and that includes everything from makeup artistry to drawing and painting!

I started this blog late 2103 after spending a lot of my own time reading others’ blogs and reviews. I’ve found it especially hard to find beauty posts and reviews for products used on medium-dark skintones. So, after years of experimenting and trial and error I thought it was about time I contributed something to the beauty community. I really hope this helps my readers! 🙂

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All content on this blog is 100% my honest opinion based on experience with the product or service. All products have been purchased by me unless otherwise stated.

PR/Media Friendly

I am PR/Media friendly and open to collaborating in a variety of ways such as reviewing products / services, holding giveaways and attending events. If you would like to get in contact  please email me at: kohlbeauty@gmail.com

Contact me!

I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and anything in between! Feel free to contact me; fill out the form below or email kohlbeauty@gmail.com


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