MAC Kelly YumYum Kelly Osbourne Collection and Playland Red Balloon lipsticks


Today I only just realised the MAC Playland collection was out! Seeing everything sold out online, I popped down to my local MAC to see what was left. I walked straight past the Osbourne collection thinking nah that’s not a collection I’m interested in. After trying on Happy-Go-Lucky (hot pink) I felt like the shade didn’t sit right with my skintone. However the lovely sales assistant suggested another shade. As soon as I tried it on I thought ‘now thats more like it’! Only after walking out the store I realised I bought Kelly YumYum – a less in your face version of the classic Candy YumYum. It’s a bright blue pink with a Satin finish. It costs £16.50; ouch these lipsticks are getting expensive!





I also purchased the very lovely Red Balloon from the Playland collection. It is described as hot fuchsia with an Amplified finish. It’s a bright medium-dark pink which packs a punch! I love the Amplified finish as it lasts a really long time on me and great for a wedding or night out as it requires little touching up.

I also really liked Toying Around which is such a unique hot coral shade. This was sold out and instead the sales assistant suggested Vegas Volt as a next best thing. However, when something isn’t limited edition it somehow feels less appealing! Luckily, my lovely cousin offered to look at her closest store and managed to grab the last Toying Around, hoorah!


Here are some swatches from the rest of MAC Playland lipsticks [L-R]  Toying Around, Head in the Clouds, Happy Go Lucky, Red Baloon and Sweet Experience


playland mac lipstick

I tried on Head in the Clouds which is a bright red with specks of gold glitter. This is a unique shade as there is nothing like it in the permanent collection. However this has a frost finish which I didn’t think was wearable day to day.

Although these Kelly YumYum and Red Balloon are both bright pinks I think they really suit a medium dark skintone. Both colours wear for a long time and leave a pretty pink stain instead of wearing off completely. Did you buy anything from the recent MAC collections?


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