My Clarisonic Mia 2 journey

I have invested in a Clarisonic!

I received a newsletter from Debenhams about their 10% beauty and fragrance sale and I saw the original Mia for £89! After browsing the website decided to spend a bit more and invest in the Clarisonic Mia 2 for £112 instead.


In case you don’t know what it is, the Clarisonic was a breakthrough beauty product launched a few years ago. Its a cleansing gadget which uses sonic frequency to produce tiny movements; 300 per second to be exact! This helps remove all the makeup, impurities and sebum from the skin and claims to be up 6x better then manual cleansing. Basically I think of it as a clever electric toothbrush for the skin! (I found out later that one of the founders of Clarisonic actually did invent the sonic toothbrush!). Before parting with my hard earned cash I did a lot of research by reading reviews and the overwhelming majority had positive things to say. Since my skin has been playing up recently I thought it’s a good time try it out.

I opted for the Lancôme kit which included the Gel éclat clarifying cleanser 125ml and a 7ml sample of the Visionnaire advanced skin corrector serum.


Also included is a 30ml Clarisonic refreshing gel cleanser, a travel case and the charger. I love that the Clarisonic comes with a sturdy case which is portable and not too heavy but will keep my new precious safe!


I also love the fact that the charger is magnetic – how cool! Another plus point is that it’s waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower.


The Mia 2 comes with the sensitive brush head which I am happy about as I don’t want to be too harsh on my skin.


I am very excited to be starting my Clarisonic journey and have high hopes for clear glowing skin! I will update you all with how I’ve been getting on with in a few weeks.

Have you used the Clarisonic yet?


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