When in Rome: Kiko Haul

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit Rome, Italy. Naturally, I visited a few pharmacies to see whether there were any amazing native beauty and skincare ranges like there are in France. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything that caught my eye and considering there was a lot of La Roche-Posay and Avene products it seemed even the Italians loved the French brands too!

Recently, Kiko has started to gain a lot of attention in the U.K. My first encounter with Kiko was a few years ago when they launched at Westfield Shepherds Bush in London. The nail varnishes were 50p and even though I hardly wear nail polish I bought 6 of them! I thought Kiko was a budget beauty brand with performance to match – but how I was wrong! Since then, I have been a fan.

Being an Italian brand, visiting Kiko was a must on my itinerary! Although the Euro to Pound rate wasn’t great, the products were slightly cheaper as the products would be the equivalent in Euros. For example, a product which is £4.95 would be €4.95 in Italy.

Kiko Via Del Corso

Taken from Google

I visited the Kiko store on Via Del Corso which is one of the main shopping roads in Rome. The Boulevard Rock collection was still out and I hadn’t had a chance to see it when I was at home, but I’m glad I did!

I bought the Colour Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Rhythmic Blue and Inspiration Emerald and my oh my are these are amazing! The colour payoff is so rich and vivid and would definitely add a ‘pop’ of colour to any look. If you are not bold enough to wear it on the lids then this would make a great eye liner instead. The consistency was creamy and not too watery which made the product easy to apply and set properly. The colour lasted 8 hours on me with minimal wear and was so strong that I didn’t need a base. In fact, it was quite stubborn to take off! It gives off a lovely metallic reflection without there being big chunks of glitter.

I loved the Colour Shock eyeshadows so much that when I got back I purchased another one in Innocent Rose, and I have just seen on the website there is 30% off the whole collection… so tempting!

Colour Shock Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Next, I this amazing red / plum shade which reminded me of MAC’s Cranberry which I just had to buy! This is the eyeshadow in 137. I paired this with the Glamourous Eye Pencil in 403 which was the perfect match. The eyeshadow is slightly dry and takes quite a few passes get an intense colour, however the shade is absolutely beautiful and iridescent. The eye pencil is nice and creamy and gives an opaque wash of colour in one swipe. I love this colour combination and cant wait to wear it out!

kiko 137 eyeshadowkiko 137 eyeshadow 403 glamorous pencil

Finally, the last part of my haul was a foray into skincare. When I visted Kiko in London, the Italian sales person told me that Kiko’s skincare was staple in every Italian womans routine. Well, I guess I was obliged to try it out – it would be rude not to! I had been long seeking a replacement for my Sanctuary Warming Microbrasion Polish which became my holy grail but wanted to try something new. In stepped in the 3D lifting gommage . This exfoliator has a nice creamy consistency with soft exfoliating granules. I later found out they are made of plastic which doesn’t bother me as usually the grains are made from crushed fruit stones are usually sharp, which is bad for the skin. Overall, this is a nice product which made my skin feel nice and smooth without being too rough.

3d lifting gommage kiko

I also bought the Cleansing Water which is a micellar water. Compared to similar products such as Bioderma it is not as gentle and stung my eyelids a bit. There is also a slight fragrance to it – which to me, goes against the point of calling it ‘water’. Performance wise it takes off makeup well but needs several wipes to get everything off. What I do love though is another innovation in the packaging. The flip top lid houses a pump unlike any other I have seen! You simply hold the cotton wool pad on top of the pump, push down and the perfect amount of product is dispensed! Those who read my Bioderma vs L’oreal review would know how annoying it can be to waste product!
kiko cleansing water

Before I finish off, I wanted to mention part two of my haul when I got back! This was the Colour Shock eyeshadow in Innocent Rose and the Overblown Mascara in Black.

kiko innocent rose2

The mascara had one of the most innovative brushes I have seen! The actual brush was nice and big with small and big bristles to catch each lash. It has a nice rounded end to reach individual lashes at the end of the eye easily. Unusually, one side of the brush was smooth and flat – I think this used to smooth out clumps.

The mascara itself was a bit wet but gave amazing jet black lashes with huge volume! The only thing is I have straight lashes and would have liked more of a curling effect.

overblown mascara kiko

Phew! That was long post and if you have made it this far sorry for being AWOL lately! Have you made any Kiko purchases lately? I have been looking at the Life in Rio collection but nothing has called out to me although I LOVE the packaging!


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