How much do I need? A Beauty Product Size Guide

Recently I went to the hairdresser and was telling her that my hair is easily weighed down and doesn’t have much volume despite using volumising shampoo. I was shocked when she told me I don’t need to use as much shampoo as I thought and a blob the size of a 50p coin is enough! As I have long hair I was dubious about this at first, but low and behold I discovered that lather, rinse and repeat is definitely the way forward!! My excessive use of shampoo was weighing my hair down and she was right!

This got me thinking about how many of my other daily products I constantly over use. Not only does using the right amount make a difference to the performance of the product but it also ensures you get maximum value too!

Beauty product sizes

Photo Credit: Boots Magazine

Shampoo: 50 pence / Satsuma Segment

You never need as much shampoo as you think!  Squeeze a 50p sized amount of shampoo into your hands and massage it through your hair and into your scalp. During the first wash there will not be much lather, but when you rinse and repeat there will be a lot more! Top tip: ensure you take your time to thoroughly rinse the all the shampoo out of your hair. It’s easy to rush this step but there will be product building up in your hair leaving it heavy and lifeless.

Conditioner: 10 pence / One Grape

Conditioners are highly concentrated products so a little amount goes a long way. You just need enough to coat the middle to the ends of your hair. Anything towards your scalp will weigh your hair down making it look greasy and dull. Top tip: After applying the conditioner, wrap your hair in a bun and let it soak in for a few minutes so it can penetrate the hair.

Body Lotion: One Satsuma

Evenly coat your body in the body lotion without forgetting areas that need extra moisturisation such as the elbows, knees and feet. Top tip: Massage in upwards strokes towards your heart to boost circulation.

Cleanser: 20 pence / One Grape

Apply a small amount of the cleanser onto your face using circular motions and concentrating on the key areas of congestion such as the pores on and around the nose, chin and forehead. Allow the cleanser to sink in for a minute to break down the oils and dirt on the skin and rinse off with tepid water. Top tip: You can splash cold water at the end to close the pores.

Toner: 20 pence / One Grape

Saturate a cotton wool disc with some toner then wipe over the skin to remove any residue from the cleanser and tighten pores.  Top tip: Make sure you use alcohol free toner otherwise it will dehydrate your skin!

Moisturiser: 20 pence / One Grape

Dispense the moisturiser onto the back of your hand and dot equal amounts onto your face.  There should be just enough to lightly coat your skin with the cream. Top tip: Rubbing the product lightly on the skin will warm up the product and activate the ingredients. The mini massage will boost circulation and aid detoxification.

Night Serum: 5 pence / Garden Pea

Serums are purposefully lightweight so they can deeply penetrate the skin. That’s why you should apply serums before your night time moisturiser. Apply a garden pea amount onto your fingers and massage into the skin until it has been absorbed. Top Tip: Apply the serum onto freshly cleansed skin so it can reach even deeper into the skin.

Eye cream: Grain of rice per eye

As I’m sure you know, the skin around the eye is very delicate as its one tenth of the density of the skin on the face. This is why there are dedicated eye creams rather then using moisturisers. You only need a tiny amount of eye cream as too much will weigh down the skin and cause (even bigger) bags! Top tip: Use your ring finger to pat the cream around the orbital bone (eye socket) and the cream will slowly spread to your under eye area. Think of it like a drop of water on tissue paper, the cream will slowly spread outwards.

I hope this helps you, I certainly learnt a lot and will be trying my best to use only what I need! xxx



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