Sanctuary Ultimate Glow Pamper Tin Review

Howdy all!

Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the festive period. Today I will be reviewing the Sanctuary Ultimate Glow Pamper Tin! If your thinking about buying this as a gift and want to know if its worth it, or just a fan of spa products like me then read on!

I have been using Sanctuary products for a few years now, back when the packing used to be totally white. I loved their cleanser and toner and have never been able to find the same product since! Don’t you just hate it when a holy grail product gets discontinued!! Fortunately I stocked up a years worth, as Sanctuary products have a very long shelf life compared to other beauty products I have used. For example, the warming microbrasion polish has a shelf life of 36 months!

The tin contains a wide range of skincare and beauty products for your face, body and feet. It comes in a gorgeous metal tin which features the Sanctuary’s signature orange and purple colours with a beautiful floral butterfly design and purple rope handle. I will definitely be re-using the tin to hold all of my beauty goodies.


sanctuary collage2

Inside the box there are the following goodies:

  • Body Wash (250ml, RRP £5.50)
    A lovely body wash with beads which burst as you rub them into wet skin. Although this looks bright orange in the bottle, the scent is not at all overpowering.  It contains seasame and jojoba oil which condition skin whilst cleansing.
  • Body Lotion (250ml, RRP £5.50)
    This is a light body lotion which is easily absorbed into the skin. I love taking this on holiday to hot destinations because it feels refreshing, cooling and not too sticky or heavy. It smells slightly of root ginger which is invigorates the senses.
  • Spa Skin Body Polisher (RRP £2)
    This is a standard fluffy skin Polisher but a lovely sanctuary tag which makes it that little bit more special (I know I’m a sucker for thinking that :D)
  • Radiance Exfoliator (100ml, RRP £10.50)
    This is a St. Ives style exfoliating scrub which has bits of Apricot and Grape seeds to exfoliate. Personally, I wouldn’t use this regularly on my face as the particles are a bit harsh and using it too much would damage your skin (the sharp edges of the particles are literally scraping your skin off). If you do like these types of scrubs I would recommend using very light circular motions on the forehead, cheeks and chin area no more then a couple of times a week.  Generally, it has a lovely fruity smell and the consistancy is nice and thick. Only a pea sized amount is required, so it will last a very long time.
  • Fresh Faced Purifying Wash (140ml, RRP £9)
    This is a standard cleansing gel which isn’t really anything special. Although it is a bonus having something that can be used everyday in this kit.
  • Spa Facial Headband (RRP £3)
    I love this headband! Not only is it useful (I hate it when my fringe gets wet!!) but it is also very soft and good quality. I will be using this for years to come 🙂
  • Pumice Foot Scrub (50ml, RRP £2.50)
    I am not really a foot scrub kind of person (mostly because I don’t need it rather then me being lazy). However, from my initial interaction this seems like a nice scrub which would feel lovely if it were massaged in (by someone else).
  • Moisture Rich Foot Butter (50ml, RRP £2.50)
    Again, I don’t really use foot products but initial thoughts are this would a good job of moisturising and soothing freshly exfoliated tootsies 🙂
  • Spa Pedicure Foot File (RRP £3)
    A standard foot file to buff away dead skin.
  • Boots Voucher for Sanctuary products
    500 points when you spend £10 on Sanctuary products (that’s £5 worth of points)

So there you have it, £43.50 worth of products! The tin retails between £40 and £26 at Boots (depending on what promotion they have on at the time). If it goes in the Boxing day sales I would recommend giving this a go and would be very tempted to repurchase as these are brilliant quality products.

What skin / body care products do you like using? xxx

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2 thoughts on “Sanctuary Ultimate Glow Pamper Tin Review

  1. WOW! This tin is amazing an bargain! I think i’m going to have to do a last minute Christmas purchase of this for my fmeale relatives in my family. Great post!

    • Thanks Amy! Glad it helped! I bought my sister one too and we are going to have a girly pamper session this weekend hehe! You should get one (or get your relative to invite you round to use it :p)

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