Splurge vs Save – Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel vs Simple Face Wash

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Today I want to share a secret with you 🙂 my first splurge vs. save!


I have been using the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel for over 2 years. It has done my skin wonders! When you first use it, you expect something spectacular because Dermalogica is such a prestige brand. However, its simplicity is actually its beauty. I used to have a slightly oily T-Zone but over the years my skin is more normal and I feel this has been key in normalising my skin.

This cleanser is very calming and is slightly runnier then a gel consistency. I even use it around my sensitive eye area to break down my eye make up and I feel no irritation at all. Also, a little goes a very long way with product. I use a pea sized amount and although this isn’t soapy it lathers just enough to feel like it is doing something. If I have a lot of make-up on I repeat the process removes any left over debris.

It leaves my skin feeling clean without stripping it of moisture. I tend to have quite dry tight feeling after washing my face but after using this it doesn’t feel as tight. The mint and lavender extracts are soothing on the skin. Like I said it doesnt feel like a wonder product at first but over time you realise it delivers results when it comes to the overall health of your skin.

Like I mentioned earlier, I used this for around 2 years. One year before I got married and I had so much left if even lasted another whole year! Overall I would recommend this as a worthwhile investment, although it is a splurge at £27 / $35 for a cleanser. If you fancy it, get a sample and try it out.

My save is the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash or if your in the UK the Boots Simply Sensitive Cleaning Wash Gel is also very similar. The Simple face wash has a very similar texture to the Dermalogica, albeit it is a bit thicker. It takes a tiny bit longer to work into the skin but the end result is very similar – clean soothed skin which doesn’t feel tight.

I have been switching between both the Simple and Boots facewash for a few months now and overall I don’t see much difference in the health of my skin since finishing my Demalogica one.

To make sure it wasnt all in my head I turned to science 🙂 (disclaimer – I am not a scientist). The ingredients wise the Simple and Boots face washes are very similar! Ingredients are usually listed in the order with the highest concentration first. The Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Facial Wash surprisingly has some core ingredients which are similar to the Dermalogica one.  The key calming ingredient is Aloe Vera versus the lavender and mint in Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel.

Overall, if your looking for a cleanser which is good at doing its job without the fancy perfumes and lather then either of these products are worth a try. Nothing can duplicate good clean skin and will make a world of difference in your makeup looks!

Hope this helps. Are there any products you swear by? xx

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